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TAX Exempt Organization
INDIA - 80(G)

To Relieve Disease, Distress and Hunger

BalaCares Foundation  is a certified non - government organization that believes in enabling self-reliance and is committed to working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on health  and Education.
  1. Bala Cares Foundation
    Takes care of diseased, distressed and hungry people. From this foundation we reach out all the needy people. This corporation is a public benefit corporation.
  2. Purpose and Objectives
    To promote health care awareness among underprivileged people. To help and assist distressed people from disease, poverty irrespective of color, religion or country of origin. To assist, help and feed needy people.
  3. Goals and Achievements
    To relieve distress, (eg.)Counselling and providing materials through medical and religious group. To feed hungry people through reputable organizations. To undertake projects to prevent disease (eg.)Clean water facility, Kavunji Water Tank. (Project Kavunji, India)