BalaCares Foundation  is a certified non - government organization that believes in enabling self-reliance and is committed to working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on health  and Education

Medical and Clinical Services
International volunteer work with Project C.U.R.E
Jinotega, Nicaragua - Feb & March 2013
Project C.U.R.E. traveled to Nicaragua to provide medical care to the community.

Medical and Clinical Services in USA
1. Volunteerwork at BLACKFOOT COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, BROWNING,MONTANA  59417  January 10th 2003 to Feb 9th 2003.Amercan Indian Reservation facility.Obstetrics & Gynecology

2. Bala cares foundation provides free medical service to the poor indigent people of West Tennessee Rural Counties through Dr.Lakshmanan Ganapathy clinic at 211 East Court Ave, Selmer ,Tennessee 38375.

3.Voluneter Work-  American Indian Health service,Tuba City,Arizona- July7th 2005 to July 25th 2005.   Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Selmer, TN USA
Browning, Montana, USA
Tuba City, Arizona, USA
Nicaragua, South America
"To Relieve Disease, Distress and Hunger."

Projects in INDIA
Kavunji Non-profit Service oriented hospital -functioning from September 3rd 2012. ​​

Sri Bala Medical Center Kavunji provides basic health care, maternal and child health programs and it is going to involve in educational programs such as nutrition, alcoholism, immunization and sanitation​​
Health Care -Sri Bala Medical Center
Kavunji, Tamilnadu, INDIA
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Projects in INDIA
1.Construction of P.S.K .Raja Rathinam New Block in T.D.T.A National Higher Secondary  School,SATANKULAM,TUTICORIN
District. This Facility opened to the Children  on June 30th 2008. Total contribution from Bala Cares Foundation through sponsor .
New Class Rooms Construction - initiated on Feb 2017

2.Donated computers to S N High School,
PERLA,Kasargod,Kerala state on May 2004 through Bala Cares Foundation.
Children Education
Satankulam, Tamilnadu and 
Kasargod,Kerala , INDIA
Drinking Water Facility

Projects in INDIA
Bala Cares Foundation Donated  Water Tank Facility,  opened to the public on  December 5th 1999.
Kavunji, Tamilnadu, INDIA