Sri Bala Medical Center
Kodaikanal is surrounded by about 40 villages, both in the upper and lower hills.People in these have to travel more than 130 miles to reach Madurai (Nearest Town) and spend all their hard-earned money for medical treatment and other expenses. to serve people around these villages Bala Cares Foundation Decided to Establish a Hospital and the result of this intiative is Sri Bala Medical center(SBMC).

Sri Bala Medical Center,Kavunji, Kodaikanal,India is a non-profit service oriented hospital built with help of Bala Cares Foundation,Non-profit Organization ,Kavunji , INDIA, to serve and provide basic health care for the poor needy village people of upper and lower hills. The hospital provides better basic health care to about 200,000 poor village people.Sri Bala Medical Center, Kavunji,Kodaikanal,India has been approved by government of Tamilnadu,India.




Sri Bala Medical Center Kavunji provides basic health care, maternal and child health programs and it is going to involve in educational programs such as nutrition, alcoholism, immunization and sanitation.This rural hospital is going to provide health care to about 200,000 peoplein the way of out patient clinic services, medical, surgical, obstetrics & gynecological services.